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Roman Forts Built in P2C

As part of their IDL work, P2C were looking at the Romans and the ideas they brought to ancient Britain. They were Curious Claires about Roman soldiers and how they were dressed and they also looked at where the soldiers were billeted when they were away from Rome. The children were particularly interested in Roman forts. With the aid of work carried out by archaeologists, the class found out quite a bit about Roman forts.

As part of Together Time they worked in pairs and small groups to construct a fort of their own. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the children approach the problem and then try to solve it. I have to say that some forts had rather a lot of ‘mod cons’. Perhaps Dr Who had done a bit of time travelling to help out!

The children had lots of fun with this task and not only were they Cooperative Carlys. they displayed the Creativity of Callum! Well done everyone!


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