Mathematics in the Snow

During the recent fall of snow I received a rather strange request. Mrs Ullah’s class were looking for permission to do their maths outside! “Maths outside?” I asked. “What on earth are you going to be doing?” The reply I received was rather interesting. They were going to make snowmen by rolling the snow into large spheres and they were then going to look at the circumferences and diameters of the spheres of snow. “Go ahead, as long as you’re all wrapped up warmly,” I responded, giving the go ahead for some really practical maths work.

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It’s harder than you think to build and measure snowmen!

The activities went very well and I was surprised how many of the children came and thanked me for allowing them to work outside. On top of some very educational maths work, I think they had a good deal of fun, too. You’re only young once!



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