Riverbank’s RRSA Steering Group Say, “Thank You!” to Ryan!!

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What Do You Get For The Man Who Has Everything……

Including Charm, Wit, Talent and Personality!!

Not Forgetting To Mention Patience and Perseverance!!

Ryan MacFarlane, a lecturer at North East Scotland College, was the director of the Riverbank Film and his hard work and creativity while working with the staff and pupils cannot be underestimated.

How he managed to cope with Mrs Sunley’s continual requests for additions and changes to the film (she’s a hard task mistress), this reporter will never know. He must have the patience of a saint!

But, seriously……everyone at Riverbank couldn’t speak highly enough of Ryan and after having spent nearly six months with us while making the film, we will miss him very much indeed. His pleasant manner and encouragement as well as the great advice and help he gave to the pupils and staff provided, not only, a great film, but also a fantastic learning experience for all of us at Riverbank.

The RRSA Steering Group didn’t want Ryan leaving without marking the occasion so, of course, lots of sweets and chocolates had to be bought for him but the icing on the cake was the suggestion that he receive a brand new Riverbank School Tie. After all, what do you get for the man who has everything!!

Thank you Ryan, and you are now an honorary Riverbank School Member!!

Riverbank Has Rep at Baton Relay Celebrations!

From Diving to Baton Relay…


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One of Riverbank’s pupils was invited to attend the baton relay celebrations at Aberdeen Sports Village. The young ladyinvolved was chosen to attend as she has been attending swimming and diving classes at the new aquatics centre at ASV.

A team from ASV visited Riverbank to talent spot among the Primary 2 pupils. They were looking for children who showed potential for diving. Having been chosen and invited along for coaching, she was also invited to attend the Queen’s Baton Relay celebrations on Monday 30 June 2014.

She received a t-shirt to promote the Commonwealth Games and saw and held the baton. She said that there was an exciting atmosphere and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Riverbank School Premieres Its Very Own Film!!

Pupils, Staff, Parents, Carers and Partners of Riverbank Enjoy Film Premiere


Our audience enjoy watching the film on a BIG screen!

Friday 27 June 2014 was a day to remember if you have any connections with Riverbank School. At the suggestion of the school’s RRSA steering group, a film was commissioned to celebrate Riverbank’s success in winning the CYPS Award – School Award in October 2013.

Riverbank was nominated for this prestigious award for the following reasons, ‘….the school undertook a great deal of work in establishing a positive ethos for learning based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. By adopting a rights-based approach, the school and its community ensured that adults were clear in their responsibilities as duty-bearers, and in this way the needs of all children were put at the heart of all of the work of the school.

Some of our invited guests.

The young people also developed a deeper understanding of their rights and in so doing were encouraged to set high standards in their work and in their behaviour towards one another. In a school inspection report, inspectors recognised that the children have an awareness of environmental issues, the rights of the child and the importance of following a healthy lifestyle.’

The film was produced with the help of SHMU and our director, Ryan MacFarlane, a lecturer at North East Scotland College. The pupils were involved in deciding what was filmed and many of them participated in the film by explaining the school and class charters which are linked to the UNCRC. Others were interviewed explaining what they enjoyed about Riverbank and several staff members spoke of the charters, the UNCRC, the Hub, the Rainbow Garden and other important features which help provide such a positive ethos at Riverbank. Some of the outside agencies which contribute to activities, including AFC’s club captain, Russell Anderson,  also appeared in the film, outlining their contribution to the health and well being of the pupils at Riverbank and spoke generously of the ethos and welcoming atmosphere at the school.

Another scene from the Riverbank Film.

Mrs Sunley, as the RRSA steering group coordinator, introduced the film to the school community and explained that it was unscripted and that the audience shouldn’t expect to see the academic side of the school but the building blocks of learning. Without children feeling safe, comfortable and health, learning would be limited.

The pupils and staff saw the film first at a 9.30am. showing and the parents, carers, invited guests and school partners saw the second showing at 10.30am. Guests were able to sample some cake, strawberries and light refreshments before sitting down to enjoy the film.

Following the viewing, the audience feedback was extremely positive and many of our invited guests left with a far greater understanding of the many ways we, at Riverbank, help our pupils to grow in confidence, understand their rights and responsibilities, care for each other and generally be responsible citizens as well as being proud of their school.

The very positive ethos at Riverbank, as clearly seen in the film, is generated by the dedicated teamwork of the whole school community. Well done to everyone!

Mrs Macleod addresses the audience following their viewing.


Seaton Wins House Title…..

But St Machar Win the Latest Target Period

Congratulations to all pupils and staff in Seaton House for winning the 2013-2014 House Cup!

Seaton win House Cup. St Machar win final target period.

Seaton accumulated 590 points over the course of this academic session. Hayton came second with 566 points, Kings was third with 551 points and St Machar came fourth with 521 points.

The points tally remained quite close across the whole session and pupils in Seaton will receive their special award on Wednesday 2 July 2014.

For St Machar House, they have the satisfaction of having gained an extra break time for being the winners of the final target period of the session. Well done to St Machar!

A Star is Born!

Leon Joins Cast of Lord of the Flies!

Everyone at Riverbank is very proud of one of our pupils, Leon Zarzoso, who participated in a dance taster session at Lord of the FliesRiverbank in connection with the stage version of the William Golding novel Lord of the Flies.

Following on from the school session with Laura Cherry and Miranda Sheehy of Aberdeen Performing Arts, who are also ambassadors for Matthew Bourne’s Lord of the Flies, Leon and some of our other boys were asked if they were interested in auditioning for the stage show.

Leon attended auditions on Sunday 22 June and to quote Laura Cherry, ‘After a very intense and physically demanding weekend, Leon battled it out with lots of other boys to secure his place! He showed commitment, talent and maturity. Riverbank should be very proud of him!

He will take to the stage with the rest of the cast on 2730 August where he will perform in 6 shows at His Majesty’s Theatre alongside world famous theatre company New Adventures.’

We are, indeed, all very proud of Leon and we hope we may have the opportunity to see him in the play when it is performed at HMT from August 27 to August 30 2014.

Well done, Leon and ‘break a leg!’

A Taste of Brazil at Riverbank

Samba Dance & Drumming Beats Out at Riverbank

Wednesday 18 June 2014

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Riverbank held, what can only be described as, one of the most popular events of our school calendar this past Wednesday.

The whole school had an opportunity to participate in samba dancing and drumming. The two ‘tutors’, Al for the drumming and  Shona for the dance were so enthusiastic and superb at getting the children to join in. Seeing one of the early stages classes leaving the gym hall and sambaing down the corridor after their dance session, gladdened my heart and put a smile on my face. It was so obvious how much the children had enjoyed their session. The drumming was equally popular although don’t tell the ladies in the office and how Mrs Sunley and Mrs Macleod coped with the fantastic drumming beat and bell ringing that went on outside their office windows, beats me..oops…pardon the pun! This observer, was very impressed with how quickly Al taught the children about beat and rhythm before introducing them to the instruments.

This was a hugely successful event and fitted in so well with the current samba fever generated by the World Cup. I think it’s only a matter of time before Al and Shona are back at Riverbank for another samba session!!!

Nursery Butterflies Leave Home!!!

Nursery Children Release Their Butterflies

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After watching the caterpillars emerge from their cocoons as beautiful butterflies, the time arrived for the butterflies to be released. The children released the butterflies on Tuesday morning and afternoon, 3 June 2014. The children loved the experience and even managed to have some of the butterflies settle on their hands before they flew away. A really good, close-up experience.

The whole experience has been a fantastic one for the children Science in the nursery and as one little nursery person said as the butterflies flew off, “They’ve gone to Butterfly Land!”

Caterpillars No More – Butterflies Are Here!

Butterflies Emerge!

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Our Nursery Caterpillar Project has really taken off as you will see from our photographs. Starting last Thursday, the chrysalises began to open and the children were astonished to see that the caterpillars had gone and beautiful butterflies emerged from the chrysalises.

The children have photographed the newly emerged butterflies, they have fed them and watched them open their wings for the first time.

The looks on their faces says it all. It’s a real learning experience and wonderful experience for our Nursery pupils.

Seaton Gains Most Points In Latest Target Session

Seaton House Gains Extra Break Time

In the latest House Points Target Session, Seaton came out winners.

The totals for each House were as follows: Hayton – 127, Kings – 134, St Machar – 100, Seaton – 149

As winners, all pupils in Seaton House will be awarded an extra 15mins break on a ‘nice’ day.

The Targets for the next block have been chosen and they can be seen on the attached document. There will be an extra break for the winning House in this block but the ‘biggie’ will come in the last week of term, when a special surprise awaits the overall House Winners. So, come on, with all to play for, let’s do our best to gather as many House Points as we can and try to make your House the winning one!

[gview file=”https://riverbank.aberdeen.sch.uk/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Targets-for-24-May-20-June.pdf”]

Do We Have Any Girls Interested In Playing Football?

Information from North Region Girls Football League

[gview file=”https://riverbank.aberdeen.sch.uk/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/girlsfootflyerApril2014PROOF.pdf”]On behalf of the North Region Girls Football League

I am contacting your school on behalf of the North Region Girls Football League as we would like to offer the P1-4 girls at your school the opportunity to participate in our “P1-4 Fun Events” held weekly at Aberdeen Sports Village. The aim of our sessions is to introduce girls into sport at an early age and by emphasising enjoyment, making new friends and learning new skills we hope this will help them develop a long term love for sport. 

We currently have a number of girls attending, representing the majority of schools in Aberdeen and the surrounding area and we would be grateful if you would be willing to advertise these sessions by posting our information flier (attached) on your school blog/website/parent forum. Sessions run from 10-11am at Aberdeen Sports Village every Sunday morning (ex school holidays). We are supported by the Scottish FA, which helps us to continuously develop the events and we already work alongside some of the local Active School Coordinators. Coaches are Scottish FA accredited and PVG checked. 

We also offer 4v4, 5v5 and 7v7 football on Sunday mornings for school teams and clubs of Primary 3-7 girls and it would be great to see your school represented in the future. Please contact us if you would like any help or advice setting up a girls session at your school or in the local area. 

We have had a great attendance record for these events and it is likely that some of your pupils are already part of the NRGFL set up. 

Many thanks

Kim McRobbie