Riverbank’s Early Morning & Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

We know that quite a number of our parents work and that they have an early start. That can pose problems for children having breakfast before parents leave for work in the morning. It can also cause problems about finding someone to look after your children before school starts. Hopefully, this article may solve a problem or two for some parents.

Riverbank has an Early Morning Club which runs from 7.45am every Monday to Friday. The Club is run by Aberdeen City Council’s qualified staff along with a PSA from the school. The children participate in art and craft work, games and other activities before having breakfast. After breakfast, the children are escorted by the Early Morning Club staff to join their classes when school commences at 9.00am. There is a very reasonable daily charge of £1 per child for this facility. Children need to be registered to use the Early Morning Club.

The Riverbank Breakfast Club starts at 8.30am every Monday to Friday. The children can have breakfast along with the Early Morning Club children before joining their classes at 9.00am. This facility is FREE. Children can drop in for the Breakfast Club but it’s better to let the staff know in advance.

Breakfast is provided by the Riverbank School cook and may comprise of cereal, pancakes or toast and juice, milk or water.

If you would like more information about either of the Clubs, then please contact Wendy on 07825 353112.

Things To Do During The Summer Holidays

Aberdeen Play Forum has provided us with a timetable of events which will be available during the Summer Holidays. Keeping everyone occupied and happy throughout the holidays can be difficult, so some of these events may be just what a harassed parent is looking for. The Play Forum is also looking for parks in the Tillydrone area that they might visit. You can request they visit ‘a park near you’ by contacting them. You can do this using the details on the Moving Monday poster below.

Summer Hols 2015 Advert - locationsSummer Hols 2015 Advert - locations side 2Moving Mondays Areas Summer 15



Butterfly Release Day 2015

Saying Goodbye to this Year’s Butterflies!

Following on from last year’s very successful butterfly project, Riverbank’s Nursery classes embarked on another round of the project this year.

On a previous post, you can see the children take delivery and look after their caterpillars; watching them enter the chrysalis phase before emerging as beautiful butterflies. This project allows the children to follow the life cycle of these fascinating insects. The children were intrigued to see their crawly, hairy caterpillars change to the butterflies with  wings. They took the butterflies into the school courtyard to let them fly off.

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In the slideshow above, you can see the butterflies and the different expressions on the children’s faces. From the ‘ I’m not sure about having this on my hand’ to the ‘Oh, my goodness just look at the butterfly on my hand’. This is real life science at work in the nursery!

News from Uganda Trip

Miss Logan Keeps Us Up-To-Date With Our Twin School in Bezallel

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Over the April break, Miss Logan travelled with a group  of 16 people from the Tillydrone Vision charity to Kamuli, Uganda to visit a number of schools including Riverbank’s partner school, Bezallel. Riverbank have partnered with Tillydrone Vision and Bezallel for a number of years and during that time Bezallel has grown from a ‘school in a shed’ to a growing school with classrooms and boarding facilities for its 300+ children. The team from Tillydrone Vision had the pleasure of providing and serving a delicious full meal to the children and the staff of the school while they visited. The children

Miss Logan presenting the Riverbank blanket to Beatrice, the head teacher of Bezallel School

Miss Logan presenting the Riverbank blanket to Beatrice, the head teacher of Bezallel School

normally only have porridge for their lunch, but they got rice, chicken, vegetables, sauce and juice for their lunch that day! The children of Riverbank School raised money a few years ago to help fund a protective wall to surround the school to protect the children who lived on the site. Miss Logan got to see the finished wall which is strong and ensures the children at the school are safe from dangers outside the school. The Riverbank logo is displayed proudly on the wall! Miss Logan also took a blanket to the school that had been knitted and embroidered by our very own Busy Bee Knitting Club. The children and the staff were delighted with this lovely gift which will be used in the medical room of the school. Miss Logan also took friendship badges to the children of Bezallel which had been made by the children of Riverbank. The children were seen wearing their badges proudly immediately after receiving them.

Tuesday 2 June – Sports Day Cancelled

Weather Postpones Sports Day

sad-smiley-faceDue to the very wet underfoot conditions and the strong wind, the Riverbank School Sports Day has been cancelled. The Sports have been rearranged for Tuesday 16th June, with the same arrangements as were in place for today. Lets hope for better weather!

Health Month @ Riverbank

A Focus on Health at Riverbank

Riverbank School has been enjoying a wide range of activities and visitors during Health Month. From Yoga to Micro Fit to Fitness training, to Outdoor Learning, to Dance, to Football, to Healthy Eating…….the list is endless……well, nearly endless and I apologise if I’ve missed anything out.

Below is a wee selection of slides giving an idea of what we’ve been up to during Health Month. The pictures come from a number of classes throughout the school and the look of enjoyment on the faces says it all. But for an auld wifie like me it makes me feel tired just watching the slideshow!!

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Food Dudes Questionnaire for Parents

The Food Dudes Logo

The Food Dudes Logo

Our Healthy Eating Initiative with Food Dudes has been running for a term now and Food Dudes are looking for feedback from parents. They’d like to know how you, the parents and carers, feel Food Dudes have impacted on your children. Below is a message from Food Dudes and they would be grateful if some of our parents and carers would take the time to fill in an online questionnaire for them. It should only take a few minutes of your time.



Dear Parent/Guardian,

We hope your child is enjoying the Food Dudes experience and is happily munching their way through lots of fruit and vegetables at home.

Food Dudes Health Limited are always looking for ways to improve the delivery of our behaviour change programmes. Collecting feedback from parents is essential to this process.

Please could you take 2 minutes of your time to fill out a simple online questionnaire (10 multiple choice questions ONLY). This can be done on your phone, tablet, iPad or laptop.


We very much look forward to reading your feedback,



Riverbank School’s P1B Win Prize in European Project

“Around the World with a Pencil”

The P1B pupils at Riverbank Primary School took part in an E-twinning programme entitled “Around the World with a Pencil” and were awarded a Quality Label early in May 2015.  E-twinning is a European Commission programme, which offers a platform and ICT tools for schools in European countries to collaborate.

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Our P1B under the guidance of Miss Karakouloglou collaborated with two schools in Greece, one school having a P1 involved, and the other a P7. The three schools collaborated on an interdisciplinary project. The main focus of the project was Creative Writing. The whole idea was to encourage reading and writing for pleasure. The three schools worked together and produced stories using different tools and techniques.

Displaying European Maps

Cilius the Pencil set off on his travels and the boys show off a map of places in Europe.

The hero of the project was a travel-loving pencil called “Cilius” and the children were able to follow his adventures as he travelled around the world. Cilius travelled to a different destination every week and shared what he had seen and learned with the children.  These travels ignited a story to be created by the pupils.

The pupils had many opportunities to develop their literacy skills in a fun and creative way.  They also practised their rights to an Education that develops every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. These oppeortunities highlighted Articles 28 and 29 of the UNCRC.  Finally, they developed their Global Citizenship skills by communicating with the Greek pupils by post and Skype, whilst sharing and co-creating stories with them.

Upon completion of the Project, the E-twinning Team assessed the Project and awarded it with a Quality Label.  Achieving this award emphasises P1B, Miss Karakouloglou and Riverbank’s commitment to quality, high levels of good practice and to European collaboration.

The Judges’ comments for the project were: A shining example of using TwinSpace as a forum to display work. Well-structured and clear page layout. Especially like the dual language approach taken.

Stories, comics and videos produced are of excellent standard for age of pupils involved in project. Clear evidence of post-project evaluation.

Quality label submission makes clear that communication, planning and exchange was done primarily through other ways, but the success of this exchange is clear in the quality of finished work that is visible on the TwinSpace.

A big “congratulations” to Riverbank School’s P1B and Miss Karakouloglou.

Zoolab Visit Nursery

Nurser Zoo Kab

Your chance to come face to face with creepy crawlies!

Zoolab visited Riverbank Nursery this week and the children had the most amazing time. If you are a parent or carer of one of our nursery children and you’d like to share the experiences of your children with Zoolab, then you can see their video on the Nursery Blog which can be accessed through the classes menu, or you could use the link below. The link is password protected. Speak to the nursery staff about the password.


Parental Questionnaires

[gview file=”https://riverbank.aberdeen.sch.uk/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Riverbank-Parent-Questionnaire-NEW-VERSION-Ref-6341-Russian.pdf”] [gview file=”https://riverbank.aberdeen.sch.uk/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Riverbank-Parent-Questionnaire-NEW-VERSION.pdf”] [gview file=”https://riverbank.aberdeen.sch.uk/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Riverbank-Parent-Questionnaire-NEW-VERSION_ref6340_Polish.pdf”]